In this post we are going to look at three good town hall 8 bases. that are hybrid farming and war bases. Before we look at them let us try to understand what makes good TH8 war  base anti Gowipe. War bases should be good at saving stars from the clan wars where as farming bases should be good at saving loot from . so what makes a good hybrid base then, that is the combination of both farming and war bases.

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lets analyze the below mentioned bases. first of all we are looking at the town hall 8 hybrid base here our goal is to protect the loot I mean to say the gold and elixir and at the same time we should be able to save the stars in clan wars. so the first base is designed in way to cater those both can see that the town hall is placed almost placed into the central core compartment. Air defenses are placed evenly into the core compartment in order to with stand the air attacks mainly dragon and balloons attacks which are frequent attacks at town hall 8.

town hall 8 farming bases

good TH8 war, farming and hybrid bases

whereas in the war base our main goal is to protect the stars in clan wars. so we have designed in such a way that we are saving stars in clan wars. in that base you can see that the unnecessary buildings are kept outside the outer most compartment and defensive buildings are kept in the inner most compartments. you can also see that the town hall is kept right in the center of the core compartment because If we can manage to attack 50% of the base with town hall then we can get two stars easily. that’s why we have taken that into consideration while designing the base. th8 war base anti 3 star/anti everything

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th8 hybrid base
town hall 8 hybrid base
town hall 8 farming base 2017
town hall 8 war base anti everything

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good th8 bases war, farming and hybrid